The Community Info Coop works with people to design and sustain publicly funded, community-led media. 


What we do


Info Districts Project

The Info Districts Project proposes a new method for funding hyperlocal news and information through the establishment of a special improvement district that funds community information projects.


Public Funding Innovation

Our Public Funding Innovation program examines public spending on local news and information to leverage existing spending to meet local news needs. We also provide support through this program to public funding experiments.


Participatory Media and Governance

Our Participatory Media and Governance program supports research and experiments in community governance and participation in media. We work independently in addition to providing support to media, government, and community organizations to design, launch, and manage participatory media and goverance projects.


The latest

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How To Launch an Info District is a guide to establishing a new form of special improvement district – modeled after business improvement and library districts – to fund hyperlocal news and information projects.

Who we are

The Community Info Coop is an independent not-for-profit organization based in New Jersey dedicated to the democratization of journalism and media.

We equip people with the tools and information they need to design and sustain local news and information ecosystems that strengthen local democracy and increase civic engagement.

We do this work because we believe that news and information is a public good. We believe media can empower and heal people instead of scare and profit from them.