About the Community Information Cooperative


Our mission

The Community Information Cooperative was launched in 2018 to build and support publicly funded local news and information projects through the establishment of community information districts.  Info districts are a type of special service district that are designed by communities and funded by fees charged to residents and businesses. (You can read more about info districts here.)

Our vision

The Community Information Cooperative envisions a resurgence in local news led by communities publicly financing and democratically designing their own local news and information projects. 

Our values

The Community Information Cooperative exists to make public service journalism more democratic and sustainable. 

We believe journalism is a public service. We believe local news and information is the lifeblood of our communities and should be treated as such. 

We believe institutions should be more democratic. We believe communities should be able to shape their institutions through deliberative democratic processes.

We believe democratizing journalism will make it more sustainable and create more democratic institutions.

Our principles

The Community Information Cooperative is a nonprofit run by its members. That includes the organization's staff and member info districts. We are organized this way to model democratic institutional behavior and to ensure our work is responsive to the needs of our communities.